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Aitutaki Lagoon Tours

"Fantastic Experience"

I looked at tons of options before booking a cruise with Captain Ki and Silent One Lagoon Charters. After a perfect day on the lagoon with Ki, myself and my girlfriend, I am even more confident this was the best charter I could have asked for.

The best part of having a private charter is the flexibility to go at your own pace and to visit areas of the lagoon solo when there aren't any of the bigger cruises around. Ki was also super helpful in making us feel comfortable in the water and making sure we had all the experiences we wanted.

We will book again with Captain Ki whenever we find ourselves in Aitutaki. This is definitely a do-not-miss adventure.

Visited May 2017

SectorScott9 (Georgia) Via Tripadvisor

"Must Do Experience"

If you come to Aitutaki then heading out to one of the surrounding islands is a must and no better way to get there than with Ki. Locals that are full of knowledge about the area and know exactly where to stop for the best snorkelling, best sandy beaches and the bluest of waters. I will definitely use them again next time I visit

Visited May 2017

Lynnola (Australia) Via Tripadvisor

“The Best Lagoon Cruise & Snorkeling You Will Find!!”

Me and my boyfriend booked a lagoon cruise with Silent One for a half day during our time in Aitutaki, it was amazing!

Ki's friendly wife Lovey picked us up from our villa in the morning (as we would have struggled to carry all of our gear on the moped!) She took us to the other side of the Island to a wharf where Ki was waiting in his boat. Lovey had also provided (as we found out later on) a homemade lunch with fresh tuna sandwiches, fruit grown in their garden and homemade lemonade! And I am not even joking when I say those sandwiches were the best tasting food we had while on the Island...delicious! -
Thank you Lovey!

We headed off with Ki out onto the lagoon, he is such a lovely guide, he knows the lagoon like an old friend, and by the end of the day we felt like his old friends too! He tells old stories of the Islands and knows all of the best and secret snorkelling spots (you can't get a large tourist boat to many of the best parts of the reef) We saw Turtles, Rays, Giant Clams, and swam with Giant Neapolitan Wrasse and HUGE Trevellie! It was the most amazing experience! The reefs here are truly beautiful with a rainbow of fish and corals (which we even got to feed!) the best part of it is, at each place you go to, it is your choice as to how long you spend there, if you love the snorkelling more than the island hopping (like we did) then you can stop for longer in the water! We stopped at a few Islands too including One Foot Island, Ki got us there nice and early so we beat the tourist boats and had the entire Island to ourselves! On another Island he dropped us off while he waited in the boat, and told us of the Red Tailed gulls living there, we wondered into the palm trees and sure enough there they were! It was like being a castaway walking around your own little paradise. On return to the boat my boyfriend brought a coconut and Ki cut into it for us to drink.

To this day my boyfriend who is a great lover of marine fish and corals talks about the trip, saying it was the best thing he has ever done! He was SO excited I didn't think I would get him back out of the water and into the boat! On return Ki even let us try our hand at fishing! My boyfriend loved this! even though we didn't catch anything we had a few large bites and it was great fun!

This is such a personalised trip, you take away the most amazing, unique memories, and photographs! You see marine life as it should be, and experience the true meaning of 'paradise islands' We couldn't even compare this to the usual 'tourist lagoon cruises' where you're hearded like sheep to the same snorkel spots and told to sing and dance, and it's all just a little too forced. Spending the day with the lovely Ki was like going on our very own adventure with a friend! I could not recommend Silent One any more!

HUGE thank you to Ki & Lovey!

Kayleigh & (Tall) George

Visited November 2016

882kayleigh2016 (United Kingdom) Via Tripadvisor

“Best adventure ever”

My wife and I chartered a half day tour the day before we left Aitutaki. We still haven't been to one foot island so that and looking for turtles was our goals. Ki (the skipper) knew that I loved fishing and he brought rods and took us on a fishing trip I will never forget. We caught a 30 kg giant Trevally that we released immediately after landing the fish. We also experienced a wonderful time snorkeling amongst giant clams and beautiful fishes. We strongly recommend this warmhearted and kind skipper to everyone who visits Aitutaki.

Peter & Gisela Sendelbach from Sweden

Visited November 2016
peterT5890ES (Swedon) Via Tripadvisor

“Just amazing”

As it was my first time visiting The Cook Islands for a 10th wedding anniversary we decided to do a half day lagoon tour and what we got was more than what we ever expected! Not only was Captain Ki and his wife friendly, warm and welcoming he was also patient with a first time snorkeler that can't swim and made me confident by the second dive to go out alone. We had an amazing time alone and not in a big group we took everything in on our own time and got to explore the way we wanted. Lunch provided was delicious and fresh. We are already planning a return with our kids for a full day tour and would not book with anyone else.

Visited March 2017
Brenda T Via Tripadvisor

“Snorkeling Full Day Trip”

We had a group of 4 (myself and my husband, and my mom and dad who we'd talked into traveling across the world to Aitutaki for vacation) for a private full day lagoon cruise. Ki was an easygoing, very competent host. Right before our trip, apparently their "large" boat went missing. He said the island kids play on the boats and sometimes move their anchors-if this isn't realized quick enough, the boat may disappear overnight. As in their case, he said they went down to the dock and the boat was missing, and they unfortunately never found it. If it were MY boat, I would be beyond livid, but Ki laughed about it and took it in stride like it was no biggie. Since they then only had a "small" boat, he initially took us out in slightly more cozy conditions. It's only a small speedboat (ladder folding down in the back so you don't have to flop over the side to get back in, plastic garden chairs placed in the back for impromptu seating). For the first part of the day, this was fine. In fact, as tourists, we would probably have never known it could be NOT fine, but as the day went by and the weather and wind blew up more, he was more concerned (though in a relaxed, competent manner, we were never worried) and called up on the spur of the moment his cousin Daniel with another small boat so that we could split our weights between 2 small boats instead of 1. Daniel simply boated out to the middle of the lagoon and met us while we were on a snorkeling stop. He was as easygoing and competent as Ki. We were in great hands all day. Unfortunately we ended up having to cut our day a bit short because the weather worsened. We weren't able to make it over to the other side of the lagoon where Honeymoon Island lies. We were sooo disappointed. Ki gave us a good discount for another half day trip expressly so we could get over to Honeymoon Island for the best snorkeling in the lagoon. He said he would watch the weather and call us when he was fairly sure that it would be a better day to cross the lagoon- which he did, and we went, and we were so glad we did. 

Anyway, Ki and Daniel were so kind and accommodating it actually made me worry we'd be taking advantage of them. For example, even though the full and half day tours had published time frames, they really didn't seem to keep track of them or care too much about sticking to them- so I worried about overstaying the time we had paid for (ie, cheating them, they wouldn't have even suggested charging us more). And of course, the best part of a private tour is that Ki will take you wherever you want to go for whatever activities you want to do (for us, we cared about snorkeling the most and not so much about wandering about the beautiful sand bank where they do destination weddings.) So you aren't tied to a time schedule- if you are so fascinated by the snorkeling at some spot, you don't have to come back til you are done. And of course, you have the place to yourselves. Ki made an effort to have us the only folks around wherever we went and in fact the only place we shared with other tourists from other cruises was One Foot Island, and we even started out alone there for awhile!

Because the weather was so uncooperative while we were out on our first trip, the visibility was poor and we couldn't find the giant clams off One Foot Island (though we had the extreme good fortune to spot a small octopus in the shallows along the beach, unforgettable, no matter what the conditions are like you will still have unbelievable experiences). Anyway, back to the clams, Ki actually jumped in to point us in the right direction before hopping back out to prepare our lunch. 

Food- it was advertised that the full day included lunch and the half day included "refreshments." Well, "refreshments" meant a whole fabulous lunch- homemade tuna sandwiches (and I am someone who would never, ever, voluntarily eat a tuna sandwich in my real life and I found theirs to be delicious!!), fruit, water, and I can't remember anymore except that it was definitely a full lunch with more food than we could ever eat. The full-day lunch was an enormous spread encompassing a number of different dishes- grilled tuna, barbecued chicken, ika matu, breadfruit slices, papaya, the best potato salad I've ever had (my dad and I, neither of us normally potato salad people, couldn't stop eating it). For dessert was island species bananas, savory donuts, and coconut slices. I know there were other dishes too but that's all I remember now. Four of us ate maybe a tenth of the food on the table and were stuffed. All of it was homemade and one of the best meals we had on Aitutaki.

If you are reading any reviews for any lagoon tours, you already know how amazing Aitutaki's lagoon is and you already know you absolutely can't miss it no matter which charter you go with. So I'm going to skip that stuff. If you can spring for it, and don't mind less creature comforts (like a bathroom or a shade over the boat deck) go with Silent One, you won't regret it.

Visited February 2017
Mursedan (Ohio) Via Tripadvisor

“The best experience and service we could have imagined!! Just magical!”

We decided to do a half day Lagoon Cruise with Silent One. It was a magical experience that we would do again in a heartbeat! 
We started with a stop at one foot island early in the morning. Ki recommended this and it was absolutely perfect, as we were the only ones there in the morning! We then went to lots of snorkelling spots and saw everything you can imagine, humphead wrasses, giant clams, giant trevally, beautiful coral and little fish! Anything you can imagine!!!
We then went back to One foot island to get our passport stamped, as the post office is not open early in the morning. This was followed by an absolutely wonderful lunch and some more snorkelling! We were in paradise and decided that we were more than happy to pay for more time on the boat and go to honeymoon island, which was an absolute dream!!! Ki’s recommendations and the service was absolutely amazing!!! We still can’t believe how amazing our time was! Thank you sooooo much for everything!!! We couldn’t have spent our anniversary doing anything better!
Lisa and Michael

Visited January 2017
sturmlisa96 (Australia) Via Tripadvisor


Absolutely magical experience. A must do when visiting aitutaki. Our hosts Ki and Lovey are very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Nothing is to much trouble. We were dropped off on one foot island with the intention of staying on the island for 3 hours but were having some such a great time we rang and extended our pick up time to 5 hours.
Nothing but praise for this incredible local experience

Visited August 2016

shazzh10 (Australia) Via Tripadvisor


We decided to charter Ki and Lovey's boat for our special day - our 20th wedding anniversary. It was absolutely worth every cent. we left early enough and got to most of the popular snorkelling locations before any of the other boats came in. Ki and Lovey gave us lots of history along the way and we really enjoyed hanging out with them for the day. We went to the giant trevally where my husband and Lovey braved it, but I'm not a confident snorkeller, so stayed on board for this one. Ki knew the ocean like the back of his hand. We stopped off at Honeymoon Island for a wander and to get pestered by the white seagulls, but the sand and water was divine. They took us to another spot where there's just one trevally and you can stand on the sand in the middle of the ocean - I was much more confident here and Lovey looked after me all the way. Then we went to an island and Ki and Lovey put on the best BBQ ever and there was so much food, we made them chow down with us. My husband lost his underwater camera and Lovey dived down and literally found it in the middle of nowhere - much to my husband's delight. Then we headed off to One Foot Island - this place is magic...we got there just in time as the other boats were leaving and we dived down and saw all the clams - it was absolutely crystal clear. Then back on the boat and zipping around the Pacific and just loving our great day with Lovey and Ki who we bumped in to around Aitutaki a few times after it and we were all very happy to still see each other. They are opening a fish and chips shop near the Physio on the main road and I have no doubt it is going to be the BEST fish and chips shop ever !! Can't wait to come and visit again.

Visited November 2016

MadarmCordelia (Australia) Via Tripadvisor

“Amazing 2 days with Silent One”

We spent two amazing days out in the lagoon and are so happy we booked Silent One and not one of the bigger tour operators. So much love, knowledge and dedication. The captain was so nice to our 4year old boy and even offered to take care off him if we wanted to go snorkeling in deeper water without him. Lunch was great and was totally unexpected. Great experience from the moment we were picked up at the hotel to the moment they brought us back.

Visited December 2016

nicoleu274 Via Tripadvisor

“Best Snorkel Charter I have ever been on anywhere in the world!!!!”

We could not have had a better day or a better experience snorkeling with Silent One Charters. We had come halfway around the world to see the Aitutaki Lagoon. However, on the day of our scheduled half day private snorkel with another company highly rated on Trip Advisor, they called and cancelled 10 minutes before we were scheduled time to depart. They said that the weather was not good and the charter was cancelled. I looked out the window and apart from a few clouds a some very light rain on occasion, I thought the weather looked fine. It was weather that would not stop a single boat from going out in a place like Hawaii. I called two other charters highly ranked on Trip Advisor and received the same statement telling us they were not willing to go out that day. Not because it was dangerous, they just didn't want to get wet. I was floored by their responses. Finally I came across Silent One Charters. They did not have many reviews on Trip Advisor, but the reviews they had were great so I called them. Captain Ki answered the phone and I explained my situation. I told him I really wanted to see the lagoon and did not mind the weather or rain. Once he knew I was up for anything the weather could throw at us, he was on-board. He did not have a charter planned for that day but was willing to cancel everything else he had planned for the day, dropped his kids off at his parents house and met us at the wharf in about an hour. All this just so we would have a nice memory on Aitutaki. I was so greatful he was willing to help us out and his positive attitude, I knew it would be a great day and it was. Captain Ki and his wife Lovey meet us at the wharf (we had a car) with their snorkel boat and off we went. Captain Ki said we could only stay on the Honeymoon Island side of the lagoon as it was not safe in this weather to go to the other side of the lagoon over by One Foot Island. We were fine with that as we were so happy to just be on the lagoon. Captain Ki took us wherever we wanted to go and we decided on two great snorkel spots and a stop at Honeymoon island. In the lagoon, the snorkeling was out of this world. We saw Giant Trevally, Maori Wrasse, as well as dozens of Giant Clams of all colors. The coral is also spectacular with lots of Brain Coral, Boomies, Staghorn Coral, Plate Coral, and Pillar Coral. As the seas were a little rough, Captain Ki's wife Lovey got in with us to snorkel to make sure we were ok and to point out things we may otherwise miss. We really appreciated that. We also stopped at Honeymoon Island to walk around and have a light lunch. We were not expecting lunch as most other charters do not supply lunch on half day charters. We had delicious sandwiches and numerous types of fresh fruit, as well as water, juice and hot coffee. I could not believe Captain Ki and Lovey went to so much effort to make us lunch in such a short amount of time since we weren't even scheduled to go out with them that morning. For half the day we traveled the lagoon, enjoying every minute of the experience. The number one thing I will never forget is the fact that Captain Ki and Lovey had a smile on their face during the entire charter. We could tell they wanted us to have a good time, and they were willing to suffer through the weather to make sure we had a good time. I will never forget snorkeling around the lagoon hearing Captain Ki sitting on the boat in the pouring rain whistling and singing with a non stop smile on his face watching us to make sure we were ok. That is the type of dedication and professionalism I will never forget and made our trip to Aitutaki amazing. I cannot say enough good things about Silent One Charters and Captain Ki and Lovey. They are two of the nicest people I have ever met and they treated us like family the entire time we were on their boat. For the rest of my life, I will never go on a charter in Aitutaki unless it is with Captain Ki and Lovey. Even if they are booked the day I want to go, I will wait until they have any opening available before I would use any other Charter. They put every other charter to shame with their professionalism, dedication to their guests and their love of Aitutaki and the lagoon. Thanks for turning a very sad, dejecting day into one of the best vacation experiences of our lives.

Visited November 2016

TFriend2012 (California) Via Tripadvisor


It is one of our most favorite places.
People are the more accommodating generous we had met in the South Pacific.
The water the fishing the knowledge and the camaraderie exceptional .
We are looking forward to see you again
From Canada
Peter & Sylvia

Visited June 2016

Peter66fishing (Canada) Via Tripadvisor

“A Day to Remember”

Silent One is a fantastic private charter company that takes you around the spectacular Aitutaki lagoon. From the moment Lovey picked us up to the moment we were dropped off we had an incredible experience. We met the most knowledgeable man on the island Ki (tour guide and captain) who took us on a wonderful journey through the turquoise wonderland which is the Aitutaki lagoon. First he told us the history of the lagoon and identified key places of interest. Ki took us away from the large tour groups and we felt as though we were the only people in paradise. We snorkelled at 5 fantastic locations in which we were by ourselves and at one with the lagoon and its hidden treasures. We swam with a large variety of different fish species including one huge parrot fish and a school of travalley which we thought were sharks as they were that big. We were able to enjoy the giant clams, purple coral and to our amazement majestic sea turtles. Lunch on One Foot Island was fit for a king. With my wife allergic to seafood they changed there menu to cater to our needs. A spectacular and romantic traditional lunch overlooking the lagoon was another highlight of this incredible adventure. After lunch we were dropped off on the magnificent Honeymoon Island in which we were given some alone time to enjoy. The husband and wife team of Ki and Lovey are a local family who are starting out with this new business venture and provided us with a day we will never forget. If you want to tour Aitutaki lagoon and not be caught up with lots of other tourists contact Silent One and they will give you a day to remember.

Visited September 2016

Luke B (Australia) Via Tripadvisor

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